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Smart Stepfamilies

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Couple Checkup - Online Profile for Dating & Married Couples


Ron L. Deal, President"One of the most beneficial and accurate relationship profiles is here!Doctors advise receiving an annual physical and dentists provide wellness exams so why not get a relational checkup?"Dating and the Single Parent
The Remarriage Checkup
Ron L. Deal, President, Smart Stepfamilies

Just $35. Why take the Couple Checkup? Learn more...

Buy either bookDating and the Single Parent or The Remarriage Checkup and get a free individual Checkup (voucher code found inside the book, a $17.50 value)! Then, upgrade for just $14.95 to a full Couple Checkup Report (when both partners take the online inventory) that compares your responses and provides a comprehensive 15-page analysis of the strengths and growth areas of your relationship. Purchase the book first, use the free voucher code for one partner, then upgrade your account to the full profile.Books are available wherever books are sold orthrough FamilyLife.

The Couple Checkup section belowis secure. Personaland financial information is protected.

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