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by Ed Nolen

A Chicken Soup for the Stepfamily Soul Contribution

A year after I was divorced my two daughters, Debbie (14) and Amy (9) asked if they could go to the lake on Father's Day with their new stepdad and mother. He had a ski boat and I had never been a "water" person. They loved his ski boat. It really hurt that they wanted to spend Father's Day with their new stepdad. But my oldest said that we want to celebrate a few days before Father's Day and go on a picnic. Well, I said that would be fine and it turned out to be a fine day. When I picked them up from their mother's home they had baked me a cake and I was so excited. They wanted to make the day very special. We went on the picnic and had a great time and it did turn out to be my best "Fathers Day". It's funny, this is the only Father's Day I really remember.

Editorial Note: What I love about this story is the flexibility demonstrated by Ed. Our research is confirming more and more the importance of flexibility in managing stepfamily dynamics. At first Ed didn't like the idea of his children going to the lake with their stepfather, but he found a way through and eventually, it turned out great. Well done. - RLD